The Accessory Arsenal -

The Accessory Arsenal

Did you know we carry MORE than just modest clothes for women? We have a cute collection of accessories that complement the modest dresses and clothing you can find here!


Accessories - in the many different ways they are worn holds so much wonder and charm in them. From the humble earrings to the grand scarves, each carries a symbol, a representation, a work of art, or even a sentiment which makes them truly special. It adds that magical flare, that gorgeous finish, that signature of persona to every outfit. Whether you are looking for accessories to complete your new found modest outfit of the day or looking for a unique something to bring new vibrance to your precious pieces you’ve been holding on to for a reason - we’ve put together these special pieces with you in mind. Here are some of ModestPop’s much adored accessories we hope you will come to love too!

This 14K Gold Plated, made in The USA Garnet Nugget Earrings is first on the list. True enough, in a way these sweet little earrings set a reminder that we are like goddesses in training - or simply put we are works in progress. We are soooo far from perfect, but we try each day to become just a little bit better, to help someone in need, or to love ourselves more. These beautiful earrings have rough little nuggets of actual garnet dangling from 14 karat gold hoops. We can’t wait for its matching earrings to become available again as well, both the color and the rough-edged look really captivated us so deeply. 

Next we have this Platinum Stripe Jute Tote Bag, this sweet jute tote is perfect for trips to the beach or pool. It’s lined with wide white stripes with a bit of sparkle to them and has a decorative fringe accent and a magnetic closure. The colors of this bag are so versatile and classy you can pair it with so many clothing pieces, and the functionality is just as perfect. Throw in towels, sunscreen, and a good book and go get some sun!

This Tasseled V Earrings In Mint is another piece we just couldn’t resist! These sweet little earring features burnished gold metal V’s that are slightly curved and trimmed below with fine soft tassels. They hang from a golden wire loop, measure approximately 1.75 inches long, and are nickel and lead compliant. It’s lightweight and the mint color and the tassel detail are so captivating and truly unique, it exudes a laid back yet whimsical look to your outfit. 

What’s a list of accessories without a scarf -right? Our Nacho Basic Plaid Poncho was once one of our all-time HOTTEST sellers so it was a no-brainer for us to bring you another of this Nacho Basic Scarf In Camel - it's an infinity scarf made from the same plaid fabric! This soft scarf is thirty-three inches in length when laid flat, has fringe at the edges, and wraps around your neck twice. Just like our poncho, it is available in camel and fuchsia.

What’s your personal go-to accessory? We’d love to know in the comments! Also don’t forget to check out our full list of accessories here at that will make your modest outfits complete.