ModestPop 10-Year Anniversary

ModestPop 10-Year Anniversary

Last August, ModestPop celebrated 10 years in business! At the time, I was a work-from-home mom with two young kids. California, where I was living at the time, had a serious heat wave that made me want to rethink the layering trend that was happening in the current fashion world. 

I was a big fan of the TV Show Shark Tank - until I met someone who had actually been featured on the show and she told me how the "deal" she got was just for TV and Lori backed out and told her not to cash the check she'd written for her and given her on the set. I felt like I was just one idea (the right idea) away from a great business. I had some great ideas, like redesigning crutches (because they are SO uncomfortable!), but I didn't have an engineering or product design business. I was trying to think of something REALLY out of the box and clever. A friend of mine had an idea to make a baby wipe product with baby powder on it to help get sand off kids more easily at the beach. I thought a good idea had to be something nobody else had done yet. 

When the heat wave came and lasted for more than a few days, I realized that most of my shirts were either a little short or had a plunging neckline and therefore were layered to be more modest and professional. Even though it was trendy to layer at the time, I thought it was a little inconvenient that most shirt companies weren't even making trendy tops that didn't require layering. I thought it would be a good idea and somebody else should look into that. I was looking for a business that was more inventive, more original. 

Two weeks later, I was still annoyed that my closet didn't have enough modest options and at this point, I wondered if I should just look into doing this business myself. It wasn't super creative, but there was a need and I figured I could look into what it would take for me to fill it. 

Three years later, I was running a quickly growing company. I had the idea to try out to see if I could get MY business on Shark Tank, even if just for the coverage. The first step was an interview with a junior producer. That went well. He asked me to fill out a big online questionnaire. Next, he asked me to submit product and a video introducing myself and my business. That was the last contact I had with the show, but it was fun to advance a little in their vetting process and be at least considered.

Now, in 2023, modest clothing and dresses are easier to come by than they were in 2012 when I started the business. What ModestPop offers that is unique is our diversity in what we carry. While we mostly carry modest dresses in our inventory, we also have skirts, tops, and even denim. We have enjoyed being a pioneer in the modest fashion world and look forward to more years to come as a provider of cute, affordable, modest dresses and more. If you've made it to the bottom of this blog post, congratulations! You can use BLOG10 to save 10% on your next order!

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