Modesty Through the Years

Modesty Through the Years

Flash Back Friday!

My my, how times have changed! Do you ever look back at pictures of yourself through the years and cringe at some of the styles that you wore? I’ve always worn things like modest dresses and Bermuda shorts, but WOW! I’m just thankful that I missed the 80’s with the gigantic puff sleeve dresses! My mother’s wedding dress was the classic 80’s look – Puff Sleeves, Knee Length Modest Dress, and lace. Lots of lace. Just for kicks, let’s take a look at it…

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Like I said, classic. Do you see the bow in the back even?? However, I can’t say much more for myself! I know that I did my very best to dress modestly all throughout growing up. Totally rocked the cami over a layering shirt look. Prom included a modest dress ALWAYS. I might have gone a little crazy with the hoop skirt for my first prom, but it was a blast.


Wow. Cringe. Modest dresses can be hard to find – which is why I strive to be a location you can always turn to for a modest dress selection. You’ll find knee length, midi, and maxi dresses. And if this means anything to you, probably 90% of the dresses are garment friendly as well. Ideally, you don’t have to layer to keep it modest. You just slip on the dress and enjoy your day out and about. Or heck, be like me and wear a comfy, stretchy modest dress around the house that you can chase your kids in! This one I’m linking below is the BEST lounging dress! Stretchy beyond belief, nice relaxed look and feel. You could size down a size or two if you wanted a more fitted look. It will stretch to whatever size you need– believe me!

 comfy modest t shirt dress pink stripes

Are you one to wear a dress casually? Or are they saved for special occasions? I love the comfort of a nice, stretchy dress. I love how they keep me cool in the heat and aren’t restricting like jeans. I’d be more than happy to live the rest of my life in comfy dresses and leggings.

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