Modest Fashion is getting more popular

ModestPop was originally started because we saw a hole in the fashion market.  It was difficult to find a good selection of modest clothing.  We would have to scour multiple stores to find clothing that we were comfortable and happy with and it would take FOREVER!  This led to the birth of ModestPop.  We wanted to have one store where people could find a good selection of modest clothing.

Well, modest fashion has definitely picked up since we first started!  There are many more options for modest clothing now and we're even seeing it on the runway in New York.  We're definitely excited about the traction modest fashion is getting even though it means more competition!

Feedspot recently recognized ModestPop as one of the top 50 modest fashion blogs/websites!  We're very excited to be recognized as helping move the modest fashion trends forward and excited about the acceptance modest fashion has been receiving in the mainstream fashion industry. You can take a look at Feedspot's top 50 list here.