It's Time to Go Live -

It's Time to Go Live

Have you ever wished that ModestPop had a physical brick and mortar store near your house where you could go see and touch the clothes in person? Well, we aren't able to do that yet but we are going to offer you a personal shopping experience by going live on Facebook on our page. This gives our customers a chance to ask questions about specific pieces we carry - What does the fabric look like up close? How stretchy is it? What does it look like on a mannequin? What does it look like on a person? What can you pair it with to make an outfit? All of these questions and whatever other questions you come up with will be the focus of this special event.

The first live will be this Thursday at 10 am PST. It will be a test run to see how it works, make sure there are no technical glitches, before Facebook lives become a weekly occasion customers can count on to ask questions about products and connect in a more personal way. What questions will you be asking when we go live? We know that finding comfortable, stylish, and modest clothing is difficult and a physical store is the ideal, but we will make this shopping experience as personalized as possible!