Modest Holiday Favorites -

Modest Holiday Favorites

Are you ready to start your winter season off right? Get your cute modest clothing for the holidays now! If you’re looking for a cute holiday party dress check out our Holiday Checked Dress, it comes in colors olive green and red. This dress is a long sleeve checkered midi dress featuring buttery soft stretchy and elastic waist. There’s 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric. It’s perfect for dressing up and lounging in at home. This flawless dress is found in dresses and New Arrivals but it won’t be long until they’re sold out so get yours now for only $39 before it’s too late. 

Here we have our Spot Of Plaid Raglan Top. They’re almost gone so get yours now! This top is lightweight, has soft and stretchy material and has a chest pocket detail. This top is 97% polyester and 3% spandex, also fitting true to size. These polka dots combine with the black and red plaid perfectly. You can even add some accessories just go to Shoes/Accessories to find your choices of style. It’s perfect for different times of year but fits great with the holiday spirit. You can match this shirt with some cute jeans or even some leggings! You can get it all here on ModestPop. Get yours now for $38. 

There is also our Plaid To Be Had Top! This piece of cute modest clothing is cozy and fitting for the winter season. It is a light weight and stretchy material. It fits true to size and is 85% polyester, 11% rayon and 4% spandex.  It works perfectly for those family pictures you’ve been wanting to get taken or even for that holiday party you were debating about going to because you didn’t know what to wear. Get it while it’s still available.

Tis the season to be plaid! You can wear plaid just like this buffalo is in this Buffalo Plaid Buffalo Tee for only $32. This graphic tee is slightly stretchy and soft material, 52% cotton and 48% polyester and fits true to size. This tee looks fantastic with blue or black jeans and you could even try leggings with it! You could also wear some joggers with it and be super comfy. It’s even perfect to give to someone as a gift whether that be a Christmas gift, birthday gift, etc. Whichever you chose. It’s the most wonderful time to wear some good looking plaid!

Things just got cozier! Are you ready for this Fleece-Lined Flannel Button-Down In Red? Here’s a secret, its warmer inside. It’s a functional button up and fleece lined. This flannel is 100% cotton (self) and 100% polyester (lining), also fitting true to size. This cozy and warm flannel is almost sold out, too! Hurry, get it before they’re all gone! It’s  perfect for the colder weather and can work even as a tee, just roll up the sleeves and you’ll see. Buy this amazing flannel for just $37.

All of these cute modest clothing choices are great for fall and winter weather as it gets cold. They can also be good choices for the spring as it’s still a little chilly. These are all amazing choices of clothing to buy! Buy them before they’re all sold out so you’re not missing out on these trendy plaid clothing. They are perfect gifts for people and they can be perfect for you! Just pick one or even all of them! They are all great choices. There are other great choices here on Modest Pop, just look at the other great choices you could pick!