Back To School

It's back to school season and we have you covered on cute styles to start your school year right. I have picked some cute modest outfits that we offer here at Modestpop! Not only are they modest but they are price friendly and may I add darling. Here are my current top three.
First is our Sydney Skirt in Nautical Stripe 
Can we say adorable? You can pair it with three different color and to add to how adorable it is it has pockets.Yes please! I would snatch one up in a heart beat!Can be paired with heels or flats either way this is a must have.
Second pick would be our Chiffon Bow Top
Anyone else find this shirt so flirty and fun? Not only does the bow act as an accessory it comes in five different colors. Why not get one in every color! We offer the shirt in white,coral,navy,gray and black. I think this top would be so cute for school pictures. What do you think?
Last pick would be our Maya Maxi Dress
I'am all about this dress. Serious love going on right now. You can accessorize it with any color and is so comfy. I don't know about you but I'm all about the comfort. 
I hope you have enjoyed these looks as much as I do. Hope to see you guys back here on the Modestpop blog next week! 
Fun shopping,
modest pleated striped skirt