Modest Travel Series Part 1 -

Modest Travel Series Part 1

It’s Summer time! And adventure awaits! With so many fun things to do this Summer, keeping up with your wardrobe can sometimes prove to be difficult. Well, that’s where I step in! I’m going to be doing a Modest Traveling Series that will help cover your bases for the variety of places you might go! We’re talking camping, cruising, and more! So let’s get going!

First place we’re traveling to is a nice, relaxing cruise. Think about some great beaches, warm weather, Summer Sun, and a whole lot of delicious food. What modest clothes would you need for a cruise?

First and foremost, you need some cute modest dresses. And you’ll want a variety of modest dresses! When I went on a cruise, we had a formal night in addition to the regular excursions and such. So you’ll need a modest formal dress, modest lightweight and breathable dresses, and maybe a modest swimsuit coverup dress. That’s three dresses already!

Next you need some Bermuda shorts! These will keep you nicely cool while also keeping you comfortable with your modesty. I like to have a variety of colors – like white, light denim, and dark denim – so I can wear a variety of tops. If you have one of each of those colors, you’ll be set! Most cruises will have a laundry facility so you can wash one of your pairs if it happens to get dirty and you needed to wear it a second time.

Let’s talk accessories now. You need a few staples like sunglasses, a sun hat, a nice beach bag, and a cute swimsuit. I’d even suggest packing at least 2 swimsuits so you can wear one while the other dries for a day. If you’re anything like my family, we almost live in the pools and at the beaches while on a cruise. Well.. maybe we spend a little more time in the food places, but the water is the runner up! Be sure you’re packing sunscreen and aloe as well!

Finally, you need a great pair of sandals. Ideally something that looks nice enough you could potentially pair it with your formal modest dress, but also something that’s casual enough to go with those Bermuda shorts. Shoes take up a lot of space, so be smart in your selection! I’d pack 2 pairs of sandals and maybe some tennis shoes if I know I’m going to be hiking or something like that for an excursion.

Summer time is the best time to travel and enjoy family! Just be sure you’re prepared with that perfect Summer wardrobe!

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