Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good

Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good

This Spring, ModestPop changed its branding to Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good. We've been in business for the last 11 years and have mostly focused on sharing our love of fashion and how much fun it is to have lots of cute modest choices. We are still excited about showing you our fashionable modest finds, especially dresses, from different vendors. But, we want to do more than just that.

My name is Camille and I started ModestPop in 2012. I needed a business that would allow me to work from home, because I had two little kids at this point in my life. My former pre-kid career was as a life coach, helping people move forward in their personal lives when they felt like they were stuck or needed more support or accountability. I chose this career because I loved helping people and wanted to be a part of their journeys moving forward. I had benefited from life coaching principles as I recovered from an eating disorder, dealt with an auto-immune disorder, and needed motivation to accomplish a goal I had to write a book. I wanted to be able to offer others the tools that empowered me so much. The problem for me in 2012 was that working as a life coach was not conducive to being a mom to two kids. I found that kids do not always stick to their schedules and, even though I did my best to schedule client calls around their schedules, I sometimes had babies crying in cribs waiting for me. I needed a business from home that I could do on my own time. 

Look Good

I wanted to start a clothing brand not just to provide more modest clothing options to women, but also because I wanted to give myself the self-care that comes with being able to dress well. Everybody has different standards on what dressing well means. I'm not talking about designer brands, just being able to dress in a way that made me feel put together and confident. See my previous blog post on Vision Boards to read more about the origins of the business and how fashion can be a form of self-care. 

Feel Good

To illustrate my point succinctly, I'm going to let Audrey Hepburn speak: 

beauty inside and out, aubrey hepburn quote

As the business has evolved, I have updated the brand to include what the driving force was behind it. Another form of self-care for me, besides taking care of my appearance, is taking care of my mind and heart. That is why life coaching is a space that really matters to me. I want to work on personal development by identifying behaviors or thoughts that are hurting me and working to change them to create more peace. As a coach, I have helped others do the same. Being in tune and aware of my thoughts and emotions via my life coaching background became very useful to me personally in 2018 after my three year-old son unexpectedly passed away. I love what I've learned in life coaching school and in helping clients as a life coach because the principles have benefited me significantly as life has continued to throw curveballs my way. One way I share insights I’ve gained is via my podcast, Bytes of Clarity.

As a brand, ModestPop will share inspirational messages with its followers on social media and via blog posts to help our community feel better. We also put inspirational messages on beautiful stickers in our customers’ packages. 

Do Good

When we take good care of ourselves, we have the capacity to reach out and help others. As part of ModestPop's brand remodel, we will be featuring stories about women who are doing amazing things in their workplaces and communities. We want to inspire others to look beyond themselves to see what good they can do out in the world. If you want to nominate someone inspirational to be featured, please email us at When nominees are chosen, they get a free dress or top of their choice to wear for their feature photo. 

Thank you for being part of this journey with our company, whether you are a regular shopper or this is your first time to the website. We hope that you'll not only enjoy the clothes we have available, but come back to be inspired and feel like you're part of a community that cares.

*If you want more information about life coaching, please visit


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