Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Season

Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Season

modest bridesmaid dressIt seems like wedding season is a year-round thing now. I remember when people would typically just get married in the summer months and around Christmas or New Years. Now it seems like we are helping brides find modest bridesmaid dresses for February and October weddings as well. No matter what month you are planning to tie the knot (congratulations, by the way!) we are ready to help you find some gorgeous feminine bridesmaid dresses. Not just a dress that looks great for that day, but something your best friends and sisters will want to wear again and again.

One of our most popular bridesmaid dress is the Evelyn (see photo) this navy lace dress pictured. It features a gorgeous unfinished edge, a scoop neck, half sleeve, and past knee hem. It comes in navy, bridal pink, and burgundy. We also have a pencil dress called the Jill that comes in those same three colors and same lace pattern but that is less full in the skirt. 

Another super popular and more affordable option in navy and burgundy are the stretchy, soft bell sleeved Gabby Dresses. These are simple and can be dressed up with heels and jewelry to make them sophisticated and wedding ready. 

A recent popular color for bridesmaid dresses is sage. Just yesterday we had a customer get in touch about helping her find modest sage dresses for her 10 bridesmaids! We have a couple of sage options. The Jillian (see photo) offers an embroidered bodice, which makes it a little more dressy, and has a modest v-neck. The Nikki is just a cute bell sleeved leggings material stretchy dress that is super comfy, simple, and sophisticated.

Whether you want 10 matching bridesmaids or are sending your bridesmaids out to find their own coordinating dresses, we are here to help! Our modest bridesmaid collection boasts over 30 beautiful dresses of maxi, midi and knee length varieties. 

We are so excited to be a part of your big day. Contact us to get a bridal party discount and let us know what questions you have so you can find the right bridesmaid dresses the first time!




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