An Inspiring Find

An Inspiring Find

Sometimes as a business owner, I come across other female business owners that knock my socks off, in a good way. That happened again this week.

First of all, when I was reading the About Us page on her website, I instantly felt a connection. The founder, Mollie, has more guts than me because she openly admitted that, although she owns an online fashion company, she's no fashionista and doesn't wear makeup most days. That's totally me too. Minimal makeup and hair in a pony tail half the time is my mojo. 

But that's not mostly why I admire what she's doing. It's the mission of WHY she started her online boutique that inspired me. She created her online store to "celebrate the goodness of being female in all its forms and strives to support our female community." Ok! I can stand behind that! I started ModestPop to empower women who wanted to dress more modestly to have lots of options, so they didn't feel like they had to dress just like everyone else, so they can express their unique selves.

Something else that stood out to me is her mission to: "Mold the women of the future to be confident and kind, focusing on the content of their character and not on their appearance." That aligns with my idea of fashion. Put on something that makes you feel bold and beautiful, or comfortable and happy, whatever you want, but the point is, DON'T spend your day focusing on how you look. Get something on that you like and feel confident in and then spend the rest of your energy in the pursuit of happiness for yourself and others without having to feel self-conscious and self-absorbed. 

Alright, on to a couple of my favorite things from her shop. In the girls' section, I love the JK Dress, named after author JK Rowling. It's something my 12 year-old daughter would love. She's always looking for clothing that allows her to look mature. She, unlike my five year-old, is not into sparkles and unicorns anymore and wants to be able to dress in women's clothing but is too petite to fit into any of it. So this modest dress, with its classy cut and non-busy pattern, is right up her alley. 

Another favorite is the Amelia Tee. First of all, how cute is the picture?!? I love a baseball tee and I love the simple, clean, colorful design of this one. The fonts and drawing are playful and whimsical, perfect for a child's tee. And I love the message of the top, inspiring young girls to believe in their dreams and put them into fruition. 

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If you are looking to intentionally dress in a way that offers inspiration to yourself and others and want to get your younger girls involved, I highly recommend shopping with DaisyMayAndMe. They have quality and unique modest dresses and graphic tee styles and have a class-act mission to go along with it. 

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