Be Bold. Be Modest.


It's not bold any more to wear a tiny strapless dress that emphasizes everything on your body but your face. It's not bold to show off nearly your entire body at the beach. It's normal. It's what you see everywhere, whether on a screen or in real life. Girls and women are taught to "flaunt whatcha got", to use their bodies to gain attention so they can feel powerful and beautiful. This blog post isn't about judging people. It's easy to fall into that type of thinking because it is so commonplace now.

My point is that if you want to be bold and stand out, try modesty instead. Dress so that attention doesn't go primarily to body parts. Dress so that people admire your face and admire the design and fabric of the clothes that cover you up. Dress to bring attention to the gleam in your eyes and your smile. Use your clothes as a way to express your personality, so when people see you they admire your creativity and individuality, instead of going out skimpily clad so all people can do is stare at your body parts. If you want people to know and appreciate the real you, dress modestly, don't dress to be a distraction that people will stare at. 

Be proud of dressing modestly. When people ask you why you don't follow the crowd, let them know why without being judgmental. Dressing modestly brings more confidence than dressing immodestly, because you know that people appreciate the real you and not just the sexual appeal of your body. Dressing modestly doesn't mean you can't be sexy. Some people, men and women, feel that it accentuates beauty. Feeling confident and beautiful is more about attitude and self-esteem anyway and less about what you're wearing. So wear it well and don't get lost in a crowd. Be bold, be yourself, and be modest.

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