A Skirt I'm So Excited About

Anyone who's followed ModestPop for a while knows that our most popular skirt has been the Sydney Skirt. It comes in 4 colors, has pockets and includes an adorable bow belt. What's not to love? The hardest thing about selling this skirt, though, is that when I buy it from the vendor I can only get one large in a pack. It's mandatory to buy wholesale clothes from most vendors in pre-packs. So the pre-pack for the Sydney Skirt is one large, 2 mediums, and 2 smalls. The problem with that is that this skirt runs a bit small, so anyone who usually wears a large typically can't fit into a large (unless she is small-waisted) and most girls who wear mediums would need a large. So that leaves me with customers buying the large size really quick and a big pile of smalls that sell slowly. It's tough because people always ask when I'm going to get more larges in and I never have enough on hand to sell.


Well, another vendor that I buy MOST of my clothes from just designed a skirt that is almost EXACTLY like the Sydney Skirt. It comes in 5 colors, has the same pleated look, and has pockets. It also has belt loops. And, best part, it comes in sizes XS-XXL, so I never have to worry about lack of size options. I don't have the same pre-pack problem with this vendor as I do the one that makes the Sydney Skirt. So, I'm thinking, problem solved!


These adorable Cotton Pleated Skirts are modest. They come past the knee and are available to ship out in mid September, although I highly recommend pre-ordering one sooner because they will probably sell out by mid September and then people will have to wait for October or November for them to be restocked. That seems so far away. So order now!

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Id be a 3x if it runs small. I see know in your dresses. Sadly lularoe does but not always in to funky patterns.


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