What Is Your Favorite Thing to Wear?


What's the first thing you think about when you're deciding to buy an item? What questions do you ask?

- Will it look good on me?

- Is the price right?

- Will I wear it enough to make it worth it?

Instead of focusing on those questions, answer this one first: What are some of my favorite things to wear?
Answering that question can give you insights into whether something is worth buying or not.

For me, I have a few staple items that I always go back to. One is the Elle Top. It's flattering, works when you're pregnant, and is versatile. I can wear a belt with it to make it look more shapely or just let it be a relaxed fit top that falls loosely. I can accessorize it to fancy it up or just wear it to the park with my kids. When I can't decide what to wear that day, it's a quick solution and something that I know will be comfortable, easy, and stylish.

Another go-to item that I like to wear to church is a maxi dress. I have a couple I alternate between. I like them because they are only one piece of fabric. Instead of trying to make something immodest modest by layering and adding a tank, undershirt, and/or cardigan, I can just put it on and then accessorize from there. It's fast and reliable.

The maxi dresses I love and Elle Tops I wear often I wouldn't call cheap buys. They aren't outrageous either. They lie in between. But if you value an item at how many times you can wear and how it makes getting dressed a simpler process, then spending a little extra for something good makes sense.


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