Modest Summer Staples!

Modest Summer Staples!

Spring has SPRUNG! And I am so here for it! I can’t wait to consistently be wearing shorts, flip flops, and summer dresses!

There are some closet STAPLES for the warmer months! Here are my top 5 must haves!

First, Bermuda shorts. If you’re wanting to stay cool, fashionable, and modest then this is the first thing you need! I love that I can stay cooler in the blistering sun, and still feel comfortable in my own skin at the same time. I’m not one for booty shorts, and never will be. Just give me a classic, modest pair of Bermudas and I’m set! I love having them in different colors, namely a light and dark denim as well as a pair in white. However, let’s be real, the white never really stays white for long with two kids!

modest shorts, bermuda shorts, cute teacher clothes, medium wash bermuda shorts

Second must have is a pair of quality sandals. My kids are going in and out of the house all day long with the warmer weather. They would live outside if they could! As the parent, I’m constantly putting shoes on and off as I follow them around. Sandals make my life SO much more convenient! The fact that they just slip on and off with ease is perfect. And the bonus is that they are cute and versatile! I wear them everywhere! I can wear them on errands or in the backyard, but they look good enough that I can also wear them to church. These are simply the best!

cute shoes, braided sandals, church shoes

Next, I always have to have some cute, modest summer dresses. This was the only way I survived my year at BYU-Idaho and their dress standards. They didn’t allow shorts when I attended! The easy work around was wearing cute, knee-length dresses. My closet was full of them! It keeps you cool in the sun, but you also look so good everywhere you go! Dresses are seriously just a game changer. Heck, you could wear no makeup and a messy bun, but you still look dang good because you’re wearing a flattering dress. This is my favorite way to dress during the summer – and it’s so comfortable!

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Another staple is a layering shirt. Sometimes you find that perfect dress or top, but it doesn’t have sleeves. There’s an easy fix for that! Get a basic, layering tee and voila! You’re modest again! I love the layering tees that we carry because they’re lightweight and won’t make you overheat as you’re wearing two shirts. And here’s a hack – if you’re wearing a dress that needs a layering tee, get the HALF tee!! Your shirt won’t roll up on you under your outfit! Gosh, wear the half tee under everything! I don’t think enough people know about these, but they are the greatest things out there!

half tee, layering shirt, modest layering shirt

Lastly, you need lightweight, breezy tops. Living in a desert, I definitely prefer to wear a single layer, lightweight, modest shirt for the Spring/Summer months. When you think about it, I’m already wearing a full under garment for religious reasons, so I’m not really looking to add a layering shirt AND a normal shirt on top of that. Not to disregard, what I said above about layering shirts… I absolutely still use them. But if I can, I’ll try to wear a modest, single layer. Our shop is full of them! Check them out and stay cool this Summer!

modest tops, modest blouses, summer tops, modest summer tops

What things are staples in your closet for the warmer months?? Tell me in the comments! I might agree and add some to the store cause we all need the basics in our closets!

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