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What Does Modesty Mean to Me?

Modesty can sometimes be a trigger word for some kind of argument. People ask if we're subjecting ourselves to some kind of standard that really shouldn't be there. Others think modest clothes are only a thing because we have to "protect men" from having sexual thoughts. To me, all of this is kind of silly. Because modesty is such a personal choice and everyone has a slightly different definition. 

Questions come up like - 

Can you wear a tank top while working out? Or does everything need to stay covered?
What about swimming? What’s appropriate there?
Umm… Prom?
Sheer clothing – what’s the rule there?

Seriously, you could ask a million questions and get a variety of answers for each question. And in a way, they’re all correct! Because you are the one who decides what you do.

For me, I like to wear modest clothes all the time – whether I’m working out, swimming, going to a dance, going on a date, running errands… It’s my thing. The most “scandalous” I get is probably wearing running shorts while working out.

This level of modesty is comfortable for me. I grew up in a very conservative, very religious household. My parents were the ones enforcing the rules in the beginning – but I chose to follow the same standards as I grew up.

That’s something I don’t think we give enough credit to others for… Way too often people are looked down on for following a “church standard” for modest clothing. However, what if the person enjoys dressing that way? What if it was a personal, intentional decision. Shouldn’t we applaud that kind of self discipline?

No matter your level of modesty, no matter what you’re comfortable with wearing, you’re welcome here! Have a variety of clothes in your closet that range from sleeveless to long sleeve? Great! Only have cap sleeves and Bermuda shorts? Fantastic! I’m going to support and cheer you on no matter what. We can have different styles, and that’s great.

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