Modest Travel Series Part 2

Modest Travel Series Part 2

It’s Summer time! And adventure awaits! With so many fun things to do this Summer, keeping up with your wardrobe can sometimes prove to be difficult. Well, that’s where I step in! I’m going to be doing a Modest Traveling Series that will help cover your bases for the variety of places you might go! We’re talking camping, cruising, and more! So let’s get going!


Let’s go camping! Yes, you could go camping in your grungy, old clothes from high school – no one would bat an eye! After all, these are clothes you don’t care if they end up dirty, smelling like smoke, or anything like that. However, maybe you want to step up your modest fashion while camping. If that’s you, then this is the place you want to be.

Camping essentials will be comfortable and durable modest clothes. Things you can easily hike in and don’t mind washing at the end of the week because they’ve started to smell like a camp fire. And layers! If you’re camping, you know that it can be a really nice day during the day time, but then will quickly cool down at night to the point where you need a hoodie or something.

You won’t be wearing fancy blouses while camping. More than likely, it’ll be a graphic tee, or something plain and simple.

Jeans are a must. They’re thick enough that the bugs will have a difficult time biting you through them. Personally, I’d be snatching up some Judy Blue jeans because they meet the standard jean requirements, BUT also have a 4-way stretch to them so I don’t feel like I’m wearing stiff jeans all weekend long. Heck, I could easily hike in these and be so happy while doing so because they’re that comfortable.

But hey, maybe you want comfort as you camp. Maybe these are weekends where you just lounge around in sweats and a sweatshirt and enjoy the relaxation of it all. If that’s the case, which I’m all for, then hit up some casual comfy loungewear. Sweats are the life for these kind of weekends.

Tennis shoes are another essential. You’ll be in dirt, mud, hiking, around a camp fire… you need sturdy shoes for your feet. Also, tennis shoes will keep out the little sticks, rocks, and bugs.

Bring the sunscreen and bug repellent! No need for this camping weekend to last an additional week or more as you suffer the consequences of not remembering those two simple things.

Last, but not least, be sure to bring layers! Like I said before, camping usually entails really great, hot days during the day, but cooler nights. A jacket, hoodie, cardigan, or something along those lines will help you out so much!

Camping might be one of the easier travel options for modest clothing. All the same, you need to be sure you have the right modest options to make your camping trip comfortable.

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