Larger Sizes Available


A couple weeks ago I posted on Facebook: "I've had some requests for larger sizes (XL and bigger) and wanted to see what kind of interest there is for it. Please comment or like this if you'd be interested! Thanks :)." 

As a result I got 24 comments and 19 likes. Now I am making sure we have more and more larger sizes available. 

This is what I currently have that comes in XL:

Sassy Stripes Skirt:
Mocha Stripe Top:
Satin Navy Top:
Black Ruffle Cardi:
London Rain - get large, it runs big so large should be fine:
French Floral Skirt -

I saw a customer who is also an XL try on the Vintage Cardi and it fit her great in a size large: 

Thanks for letting me know what demand there is for larger sizes, so I can make sure to provide more and more options. 



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