Prom Season is Here!! -

Prom Season is Here!!

What girl doesn't want to be asked to the Prom? It is a huge milestone for so many girls, one they have been looking forward to for probably years. Yet sometimes looking for that perfect dress can be challenging, especially when they don't want to compromise their standards just to fit in with the latest prom dress trends. I remember back when I was faced with this challenge, and to be honest it was a very hard and long process trying to look for a dress that I would fall in love with while still keeping it modest looking. And let me tell you, without the internet at our fingertips like we have today, this was EXTRA, EXTRA hard! haha But you know the saying "Patience is a Virtue"?...I started early enough where I was able to find a Modest Prom Dress that I was in love with!  And when my date arrived at the door to pick me up... to hear him say how beautiful he thought I looked, made it all worth it!! We would love to see you wearing your Modest Prom Dress...Follow us on Instagram and DM a picture to us looking your Prom Best and we will choose a few to post on here and on Instagram!
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