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Highlighting this Week's Modest Clothing Bestsellers

This week the bestselling item is the Accordion Pleats Skirt in navy. Why do we think it is selling so well? It's darker color makes it a great winter staple. Navy blue, like black, is a winter neutral color that can be paired with so many other colors to make a great outfit. It also has a lot of fabric, due to the pleats, thatmakes it a heavier more substantial item. Winter weather is chillier and customers are looking for something with more structure, something heavier, to pair with their boots and jackets. Lastly, the skirt is an ideal length for many. Its midi length is modest and works well for taller girls who, in cooler weather, prefer to have their skirts cover the knee. It offers a classy, dressed up look to add some style to your winter wardrobe. Versatile, it could be paired with pastel florals and could transfer easily into Spring and other seasons. It's an excellent modest skirt option.

Our next best seller is the black cap sleeves top. The cap sleeve tops have actually been a bestseller since ModestPop opened its doors back in 2012. Customers who like to wear modest clothing are always looking for layering pieces with great coverage. Our cap sleeve tees come in a variety of colors: navy blue, black, white, and cream. During Spring seasons we carry a larger variety of pastel colors and in the Fall we get some earth tones in. As you can see, the model wearing the Accordion Pleats Skirt is pairing it simply with one of our modest cap sleeve tops. It can be worn as a layering piece or by itself for a simple, sophisticated, crisp look. They can also be worn under sleeveless dresses as a layering piece to make an outfit more modest. They are extremely versatile and a staple to any modest clothes wardrobe.

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Next up is the Dolman Sleeve Belt Dress. This bestseller features an icy blue color that can work for Winter and Spring/Summer. This dress has been in our shop for over six months and has consistently been a good seller. As a bonus, the belt pictures comes with it for free. It also featured functional deep pockets, which are great for women on the go that need a place to stash keys or a phone. It can easily be updated for Winter by adding a black cardigan or warm jacket. We also appreciate the size range of this dress. With sizes extra small to 2XL, it's nice to offer modest clothing for women of plus sizes and regular sizes. The majority of our inventory, over 80%, is available in sizes up to 2XL or 3XL. 

Those three pieces topped the charts for ModestPop last week. Follow up with us next week to see which items are the bestsellers. We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of cute modest dresses, skirts and tops that only offer great coverage, but also are easy on the pocketbook and allow each customer to express her unique self. That is why we offer over 400 items on our site. You don't need to dress just like another person and you should have dozens of options that make you feel like you. Thanks for following our modest clothing online store and please tell your friends about us! If you've made it this far into this blog post, here's a fun deal. Use code BLOG20 to save 20% on your next order. 

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