What to Snag

This weekend is a big event at the Disneyland Hotel with hundreds of patrons. I've always done really well at this event. Below is a list of things I can re-order, so snag them if you love them:

Both button cardis are sold out with the manufacturer, so whatever I have in stock is all that is left: http://www.modestpop.com/products/papaya-striped-cardi  http://www.modestpop.com/products/button-cardi

Also, the Bella Skirt: http://www.modestpop.com/products/bella-skirt

All accessories: http://www.modestpop.com/collections/accessories

Basically, there are only about seven items that are re-orderable for me. So be sure to make an order by Friday afternoon if you really want one something you see on this blog post.

Have a great day!


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