Modest denim is definitely a thing now that distressed jeans are so in style. When I want to rock a pair of distressed denim, I buy those iron on patches on Amazon, but sometimes you don't want to have to go to the hassle. That's why we provide some options that you don't have to alter to feel really cute, on trend, and modest. We release a new style of denim a few times per month. The two brands we love the most are KanCan and Judy Blues. These denim manufacturers are known for their amazing stretch and comfort. For example, I'm more of an apple shape (I have thinner legs and carry my weight more in the middle) and my friend is a pear shape (she carries her weight in her hips and has a smaller waist). We can wear the same pair of KanCan jeans and we both look fantastic in them, even though our figures are so different. It's their stretch that makes them versatile and their quality that keeps them looking amazing wear after wear. Our denim comes in varying rises. Low rise is going to hit under the belly button. Mid rise hits at the belly button and high rise hits above the belly button. We love to carry a variety of washes, like black, dark and lighter blues and even grays. Now your favorite modest clothing store ALSO carries cute denim! 


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