Modest Travel Series Part 3

Modest Travel Series Part 3

Modest Travel Series Part 3

It’s Summer time! And adventure awaits! With so many fun things to do this Summer, keeping up with your wardrobe can sometimes prove to be difficult. Well, that’s where I step in! I’m going to be doing a Modest Traveling Series that will help cover your bases for the variety of places you might go! We’re talking camping, cruising, and more! So let’s get going!


Let’s head on over to Disney World! Or basically any kind of theme park.

Fun fact, I used to work at Disney World! So I know that kind of life extremely well. There were several ways of surviving the hot, humid weather, but quite honestly my favorite was to have a casual, comfortable, modest dress. This way, the modest dress would keep you cool whenever there was a small breeze going through the area. Some people would be concerned about going on the rides and such in a modest dress, but I honestly never had an issue. If I were in Universal with some more intense rides, maybe that would be a different story, but quite honestly… they strap you in with lap bars anyways. You shouldn’t have an issue with things flying up on you.

And truthfully? Wear the tennis shoes with the modest dress! No one cares! And your feet will thank you later. Or even better, invest is some sturdy, supportive sandals. My personal favorites are chacos, but I’ve also done park days in Roxy flip flops too. Just be sure whatever you’re wearing is quality.

If modest dresses aren’t your thing, go for the modest Bermuda shorts. These are great for staying modest and cool! Staple colors would be a darker Bermuda short as well as a white. These two colors will make it so you can wear almost anything.

A nice, lightweight and billowy blouse is also going to keep you cool as you walk around theme parks all day. You certainly don’t want to have something tight and sticking to you. Go for a modest blouse that’s breathable. Single layers are even better!

Traveling to hot places doesn’t have to kill the fact that you want to wear modest clothing. You just have to be smart about it! Lighter colors, lightweight material, and shorter sleeves – but not too short!

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