Boldly Be a Pop of Color in a Black and White World -

Boldly Be a Pop of Color in a Black and White World

When ModestPop went into business in 2012, deal sites were extremely popular. Groupon was the big one and then lots of competitor sites sprung up. The original intent and the origin behind the ModestPop name was that we would also be a deal site and offer a few deeply discounted products every day. The logo was a big bubble that looked like it was about to pop, just like the deals weren't going to last forever. 

After it looked like this business model wasn't going to work long-term, we switched it over to the more traditional website we have now. But the ModestPop name has stuck. Most of our website visitors come from people who have our business name memorized and just type it into the browser.  

Now ModestPop has a new meaning. I love this quote: "Boldly be a pop of color in a black and white world." The world is full of different products that let you style and express yourself. We believe that modesty is empowering and bold. Modesty stands out like a bright pop of color. With modest clothes you can find varying prints like aztec and floral. You can wear different colors to express yourself as well. Each color and style tell their own story. 

If you're wearing floral, maybe you feel light and flowy, or bright and happy. When you're wearing aztec, you could be feeling adventurous and want to take the day head-on with a smile. The colors you wear can mirror you for that day. Clothing expresses yourself, even if you don't realize it. You can feel confident in what you wear. You can feel wholesome and refreshed. 

There are over four hundred different modest clothing options, including over two hundred modest dresses. ModestPop clothing has many different prints as well, varying from bold prints and very simple solids. However you choose to style yourself, we have dozens of different options to help you look your best!


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This is great! I read the websites introduction that talks about modesty and I think it’s great! In the midst of most websites that are not catering to people who are trying to be modest at all, this company is selling clothes inspired for modesty!


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