Modest Celebrity Trends

It's always fun seeing celebrities dressed modestly. This Fall and Winter season, it seems like the trend is not just covered shoulders, but covered everything. Dresses are long and sweeping with high necks. The look is very elegant. I love how Jennifer Laurence and Emily Blunt had their hair done in a feminine updo to show off the entirety of the dress. Jennifer's look is more casual with a soft loose braid and Emily's red carpet look is more elegant and dressed up. Emma is wearing a floral ankle length dress with strappy sandals and pulls off the look with loose pretty curls. Which look would you rather wear and why? 

One of the reasons I enjoy seeing celebrity women dressed modestly is that it really brings attention to the beauty, details and design of the dress AND because it draws attention to the beauty and radiance of their face, instead of summoning attention to a certain body part that their outfit is showing off. So instead of noticing their chest or thigh, you get to see the beauty of the PERSON shine through, which isn't competing for attention by the body part. I think they all look lovely and I hope more celebrities make the decision to wear modest dresses to events and award ceremonies. 

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