Modest is Hottest!

Sometimes its hard to stay cool, and stay modest during the summer heat.  wrote an article with tips on how to beat the warm summer heat and remain modest. 

They have 5 helpful tips including:

      1. Remember that looser is cooler.  Looser clothes helps air circulate creating a cooler feel and making the summer heat a little more bearable. Wearing things like maxi dresses, skirts, and flowy tops are the best options for staying cool and modest. Try our modest dresses, skirts, and tops such as the Michelle Maxi Dress, Aztec Maxi Skirt, and our Floral Scoop Neck Top.
      2. Avoid the urge to layer.  Because of today's society and clothing, more and more clothes are coming in not as modest styles such as tank tops and shorter skirts, people are feeling the need to layer up. However, layering up can lead to over heating. By choosing clothes that cover where you want it too without having to layer too much, it can make things so much cooler. At ModestPop, we have many tops and skirts that are perfectly modest, and don't need to be layered. 
      3. Choose the right fabrics for the season. Choose lighter fabrics for clothing is very helpful for staying cool. Choose lightweight fabrics that are breathable in the summertime like cotton, chambray, silk, and linen. 
      4. Make friends with maxi!! The article says, "because of their length, choosing a variety of maxi skirts and dresses in breathable, lightweight fabrics is a sure way to remain covered but cool" Try our fun and modest maxi skirts and dresses.
      5. Finally, have fun with accessories. The article says, "finding simple, modest outfits that you feel comfortable in, and changing up their day-to-day look through the use of accessories."

To read the rest of the article, go to: Modest is Hottest! 5 Tips for keeping cool while staying covered up.

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